Tips To Protect Yourself When Organising A Group Trip

Tips To Protect Yourself When Organising A Group Trip

On any group holiday or event, it is important to choose your friends wisely. On a houseboat this is critical. Beyond being fun and up for anything, these people should also share your responsibilities. It’s great to have a friend who is the life of the party, but does he or she go too far?

If someone in your group damages something, you will be liable for the damages. If the boat is left in an unacceptable condition, you will be liable for the extra cleaning.

Do your friends know when to stop drinking? If they soil a bed, someone needs to pay the cleaning fee.

Particularly for young groups, we recommend that everyone pays their way, including a share of the security bond, up front. When calculating the per-head cost, take into account an estimate for fuel and the security bond. We can assist you with calculations.

Ensure that everyone pays up front, preferably prior to booking. It is easier to return money after the trip than trying to get friends to pay you back for something they have already enjoyed.

This also helps to ensure that you don’t have any friends cancelling at the last moment (or when you ask them for money) and leaving everyone else to foot the bill. As they have already paid, it is in their own best interest to ensure that they are available or organise someone else to take their place. If everyone in the group has contributed towards the security bond, they all have a vested interest in ensuring that your adventure stays in control.

Don’t bring things that you shouldn’t – such as kegs, animals, extra speakers and fireworks. If in doubt, please ask.

Don’t overload – don’t exceed the berthing of the vessel. If you have hired a 12 berth houseboat, 12 is the maximum number permitted aboard at any time. Inviting those extra friends over isn’t worth the risk of your hire being cancelled or the possibility of a huge fine when NSW Maritime catches you.

Decorations are fine, but no crepe paper. When wet, crepe paper stains the decks and it cannot be cleaned – this means repainting the decks, at your cost.

Tips To Protect Yourself When Organising A Group Trip

If you like to play a little loud music and party into the night, check that you are anchored in an isolated spot. This means that we won’t receive any complaints from residents and you can enjoy your evenings without concern about a visit from authorities. Please ask during your briefing and we can give you tips on good places to anchor for a party.

Respect us and our property.
Respect each other.
And have a great time!

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