Preparing Your Houseboat

Preparing Your Houseboat

If you’ve ever happened to visit our marina on a Monday or Friday then you have probably noticed just how busy our turnaround days can be. We have staff running from boat to boat with brooms, linen and gas bottles!

Here Are Just A Few Things We Are Staying On Top Of After Each Hire:

Pump Tanks

Preparing Your Houseboat

In NSW, commercial houseboats are required to have holding tanks for waste and sewage. This means cleaner water ways without the addition of treated waste entering the environment. As soon as a houseboat hits the jetty after a hire, the hoses are connected and the tanks are pumped out.

You may notice we are quite particular about water usage and toilet flushing but this is why…the houseboat tanks can only hold so much and by being a little water savvy will mean we won’t need to pump the tanks and refill the water half way through a hire!

Refill Water

Each houseboat is refilled with water after every hire. The tanks vary in size from boat to boat and even though there is more than an adequate supply for a week’s holiday, if wasted you will run out. We recommend one four (4) minute shower per person per day as this will ensure sufficient water.

For hires longer than a week we like to schedule a day and time to bring you back in to the marina for a top up and pump the tanks.

Re-fuelling & Gas

Here on the Tweed we don’t have access to fuel stations on the river, but don’t stress you aren’t required to fill the houseboats yourself! This is done by our staff between hires.

The stoves, hot water systems, BBQ’s and most fridges run on LPG gas. These bottles are also replaced after each hire.

Safety Item Checks

There is a range of safety equipment aboard each houseboat to ensure a safe holiday. Life jackets, fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, first aid kits and life rings are all checked after every hire.

Preparing Your Houseboat


We have a two teams of cleaners that service the houseboats. Our outside staff take care of cleaning the decks, BBQ’s, fishing equipment, tinnies and rubbish removal. Our inside staff are responsible for ensuring a clean and tidy houseboat for your adventure!

A lot of effort from our team goes into preparing the houseboats ready for the next group of customers to board. With limited space on our jetty this can make co-ordinating boarding and return times rather tricky. Sometimes returning boats need urgent attention for repairs and we can go from plan a to plan b in a matter of minutes!

Preparing Your Houseboat

If it seems like we have missed something that is glaringly obvious to you, perhaps we have been focused on the less obvious things. If there is something that you need, or would like to add to your holiday experience we may have just what you need there at the marina.

Our guys might be run off their feet but they are working hard to ensure you have the opportunity to make the absolute most of your holiday!

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