Additional Services

Bait and Ice


We have 5kg party ice available to purchase from us at the marina for $4.50 per bag.


We generally stock: prawns, squid, blue pilchards and twin pack whole mullet (the mullet can be filleted for bait and the frame used for crab pot bait)

Even if you have previously indicated that you would like to purchase bait and ice, we like to leave it in the freezer until you arrive. So please check that you have all your requirements prior to departing the marina.

Additional Services

Outboard Motor Hire For Tenders

If rowing isn’t your thing, you can hire a small outboard motor for your tender so that trip to shore or going out to check the crab pot is that much easier.

We have two standard sizes of motors available to hire:

3hp & 4hp motors – $95 for midweek or weekend, $130 for week

All motors are supplied with sufficient fuel, additional available on request. Please don’t purchase additional fuel at a service station as all these motors require pre-mixed outboard fuel. Simply give us a call and we can organise additional fuel if required.

Additional Services

Car Parking

The car park at the marina offers free, unlimited parking, however this is a public car park.

Off-street parking is available at our main office on Frances Street.

Parking is $40.00 per vehicle for a weekend, $45.00 for a midweek and $60.00 per vehicle for a week. 

Spaces are limited so we advise that you pre-book to reserve your spot.  If you reserve a spot and decide on the day to stay at the marina instead, we may charge for parking if we have turned other guests away.

Alternatively, vehicles can be parked at the public carpark at the marina or along River Terrace. This parking cannot be reserved.

Additional Services

Fishing Gear

Like to try your hand at fishing but don’t have any gear…. that’s not a problem. We have fishing rods complete with reel and basic tackle for you to have a go at providing for the table.

Our friendly staff at Berger Houseboats will point out to you on the river charts some great fishing spots. If you are particularly interested, ask to speak with Mark or Peter, our in-house fishing gurus, for some advice and local tips.

Don’t forget, if you have no luck…. it’s is called fishing…. not catching!

Additional Services

Grocery Service

If you would like the luxury of finding all your supplies already aboard on your arrival, you can use the Coles or Woolworths Online ordering systems. Coles and Woolworths Online will deliver to your houseboat at the marina. Prior to confirming an online grocery order, please confirm the delivery time with us. We have had occasions where the houseboat is ready to depart hours before the grocery order is booked for delivery.

We ensure that your cold items are placed in the refrigerator for you when delivered.

Additional Services

On Mooring Jetty Stays

Berths at the marina or secure moorings out on the river are available as an alternative.

This gives you the experience of houseboating without the need to learn how to drive or anchor.

For those who would like an alternative accommodation to a motel or resort, with your own facilities and the freedom to walk out the back door and go fishing without leaving home, perhaps a jetty stay is for you. You can still have the experience of staying aboard a houseboat, but the ability to walk to your car and visit other attractions or even visit the theme parks without being concerned about the boat or using the tender to travel to shore. Public transport is available just across the road from the marina and there are numerous eating places within walking distance.

Are you a little apprehensive about being in control of the houseboat? Are you concerned about securely anchoring? Well perhaps a stay attached to one of our secure moorings is your type of houseboat holiday. Located adjacent to Ukerebagh Island in the Boyds Bay area, with white sand beaches and pristine clear water, this is one of the most popular areas on the river. With a tender provided still giving you access to shore, this is a great secure option available for your houseboating experience.

Additional Services

Hire a Skipper

Would you like the luxury of a skipper to take charge of your houseboat for you? Our captains available for hire for a few hours or a whole day to assist you with that special occasion or so you can relax without the responsibility.

Additional Services

Gift Baskets, Cakes And Light Refreshments

Planning a surprise? Special occasion?

No occasion at all?

How about a gift basket to surprise your special someone on arrival?

Small or large, we can cater for your special requirements, helping to add to your houseboat experience.

Additional Services

Outdoor Heaters

Pacific Blue, Kalinda and Blue Bayou have magnificent undercover entertaining areas upstairs complete with surrounding clears. To enhance these areas we have sourced gas heaters that can be used on the upper deck. You can enjoy the comfort of radiating heat whilst still enjoying the outdoor atmosphere.

$75 for the midweek or weekend
$100 for the week
Including a 9kg bottle of gas.

We have limited heaters available so if you would like to include this added luxury in your houseboating adventure, please let us know so we can reserve one for you.

Additional Services

Souvenirs and Shirts

We have several items available to purchase for you to take home as a souvenir or your houseboat adventure!  

We have drink bottles, stubby coolers, t-shirts, pens, postcards, coasters magnets with many more goodies to come! 

 If you would like to place an order to collect before your holiday please give us a call or drop us an email.

Additional Services
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