Frequently Asked Questions

Detailed below are some frequently asked questions about houseboating. If your specific questions are not answered below, please contact us and we will put your mind at ease.

No boating or fishing licences are required. We supply all information and training required.

You don’t need any boating experience, just a dash of common sense. We give you a complete briefing on operation and navigating your houseboat before you even leave the marina. Then one of our captains pilots you out from the marina and gives you practical driving instruction.

From singles, couples to groups of up to 12 people, houseboating is suitable for all ages and is great value. Boat capacity varies from boat to boat and you can choose from budget to luxury, from 2 to 12 berth.

Yes! Houseboat holidays are a great family getaway. Some houseboats are more suitable for young children than others, so please check with us on the suitability of the houseboat of your choice, or we can help you choose the best boat for your holiday. Like anywhere else with water, small children on a boat do require adult supervision at all times. If you don’t have a life jackets for your children, we do have some children’s life jackets that you can borrow.

With the exception of Wanderer (and the possibility of 3 other houseboats – call to enquire), we are unable to permit pets aboard due to health reasons.

We understand that your pet is a big part of your family life however we do need to consider other guests who may suffer from allergies.  If you need a pet-sitter, there are several good pet motels in the area if you would like contact details.

If you have a service/support pet, please notify us on enquiry.  You will need to forward the appropriate paperwork.

There is mobile phone coverage throughout the Tweed Valley. Depending upon your carrier and distances from their towers, you may find coverage a little patchy in some areas. If you particularly need to be in phone contact, please check your receiption before anchoring and it may simply be a case of moving a few 100 metres.

All of the houseboats are provided with pillows and doonas. Aboard Runaway Bear, Patricia and Wanderer you need to bring (or hire from us) sheets and towels. Aboard all other houseboats, you simply need to bring (or hire) towels. A floor mat, hand towel and a couple of face washers are provided for each bathroom, together with a couple of guest soaps.

Condong, a small town approximately 4hrs cruise from Tweed is the furthest point of travel along the river. Along the riverbank, you will find the Condong Sugar Mill and a low set bridge at Cane Road.  Houseboats are not permitted to pass under this bridge.

At Tumbulgum, the houseboats (except Pacific Blue, Ocean Spirit & Island Dream) can also travel up the Rous River to Cemetery Bay. In Tweed Heads, the houseboats can cruise up the Terranora Creek to Big Island or Womgin Island. Please advise our captains if you plan on travelling along the Terranora Creek – some rules apply for passing under Boyds Bay Bridge.  Over a 3 or 4 night houseboat booking we find most customers travel around 7 hours for their holiday – over a full week, generally around 10 hours.

Normal drink driving rules apply to people driving a houseboat. The driver may not exceed .05, the same as when driving a car. Apart from that, stay safe, respect your fellow boaties and locals and have fun.

No! Houseboats must not be driven after sunset. 

Like the houseboats, the tenders are not to be driven after sunset as they are not equipped with lights, and you would be in danger in the slow-moving boat. 

You can purchase a set of lights for the tender and organise to pick your late arrivals up from the riverbank.  Lights and batteries are available to purchase at our marina office.

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