Why Choose Berger Houseboats?

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25+ Years Experience

Berger Houseboats was established by Robert Berger in 1994 and still proudly owned and operated by the family. With six immediate members of the family actively working, we can truly say that we are a family business. With over 25 years experience, we are the most experienced houseboat operators on the river.

Why Choose Berger Houseboats?

On Call Service

One of our captains is on call 24 hours just to help you. Someone who knows our boats for you to call when you have a problem or a question. Many houseboat businesses just leave you to call emergency services when you have a problem after hours. We like to look after you better than that. Just another way in which Berger Houseboats take the extra effort to ensure you have the best experience possible. One of our captains keeps the on call phone with him to ensure that knowledgeable help is only a phone call away for you.

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Flybridge Controls

We have the only 12-berth houseboats on the Tweed River with flybridge controls - that means you can drive the houseboats from both downstairs and on the upper deck. Meaning the captain is never isolated from the activities. In fact, all but one of our houseboats, Pluto, can be driven from upstairs. Our three largest houseboats have clears around the flybridge area upstairs to give you weather protection. These clears are not only at the front, but a third to half way down the side of the vessel giving you great protection when required. With the ability to unzip and let the breeze blow through on those lovely days.

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Tranquil Waterways

Unlike many other water systems, the Tweed River is a peaceful waterway with little river traffic, allowing you to sit back and relax and not feel like you are in a washing machine. Also giving you more privacy without many vessels anchored around you. You don't need to worry about all those big cruisers on the Gold Coast roaring past and throwing a huge wake.

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Exceptional Customer Service

Looking after you is our concern. Some people talk about it, here at Berger Houseboats we pride ourselves on doing it. Safety and service. We take pride in our work and go to great effort to maintain our houseboats in top condition. This helps to ensure your safety and enjoyment, whilst giving you peace of mind.



We provide the safest and most stable tenders on the Tweed River. We go to great lengths to source the Bushman tenders for your safety and stability. 3hp and 4hp outboard motors are also available for hire for those who would prefer not to row.

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Minimal Chemical Use

We understand that many people these days are concerned with all the chemicals used in all aspects of our lives - we are concerned too. So we go out of our way to use a few chemicals as possible in cleaning our fleet, even using the Enjo system which requires only water whilst still maintaining a high level of hygiene and cleanliness.

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