What’s New at Berger Houseboats – July 2021

What's New at Berger Houseboats!

We are always striving to improve our quality of service and are constantly improving procedures and upgrading features aboard the houseboats which means a better experience all round for you. 

Apart from our new and improved website (that we hope you have enjoyed scrolling through) we have had a busy couple of months organising and modifying new appliances and updating power sources.


Recently, we installed a brand-new Onan 13.5kva generator aboard Pacific Blue after waiting 6 long months for delivery! We now have improved reliability to run all your comforts of home onboard. 

This generator fits within the hull with only millimetres to spare but somehow our guys always manage to pull off the impossible!  This generator is used to run additional appliances such as the spa heater, air conditioning, dishwasher and oven allowing you to experience a little luxury during your floating holiday on the Tweed.

What’s New at Berger Houseboats – July 2021

New Runabout

We are also excited to welcome ‘Rex’, a new Quintrex work runabout to our fleet. Featuring all the mod cons and a 25hp Yamaha motor!  Rex is a far better design than our previous runabout giving us all weather access along the river.


Bushman Fridges

New electric fridges have been fitted to Pacific Blue and Kalinda for greater reliability and energy efficiency.

We swapped from gas to electric fridges in order to consume less power and reduce our carbon footprint while relying on solar power to recharge.

The marine environment is extremely harsh on everyday appliances, so we do our best to source these items, so they are not only ‘boat friendly’ but aesthetically long lasting.

What’s New at Berger Houseboats – July 2021

Solar Panels

Additional solar panels have been installed aboard Runaway Bear, Wanderer and Pacific Blue to increase their power supply.  During overcast weather, the batteries will remain topped up and maintain charge.

What’s New at Berger Houseboats – July 2021

To see for yourself,  jump onboard and take a look!   We’d love for you to experience a houseboat holiday enjoying the beautiful Tweed River.

Remember, if you’re going on a houseboat, make sure it’s a Berger Houseboat!

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